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Building Strengthening

The concept of structural strengthening is to ensure the protection of damaged building or any historical structures caused due to earthquake/land slide/accidents etc. There are many methodology to strengthen structures and protect building , based on the nature of damaged caused due to various natural calamity. Providing struts across the concrete piles sheet pıling protections etc

Beam Strengthening:

Stirrup sticks should be attached to the two outer sides on abutment areas of the beams which have low cutting resistance. To the steel shape which has been placed under the beam, the sticks which are connected with bolt should be transferred inside of the holes on the top layer and placed via twisting into the bays.  Then the holes should be filled by concrete. This methodology can be applied with same fundamentals but different details. The stirrups attached from out do not have swathing effect and they do not raise the ductility of the beam edge. They help raising the cutting resistance. In this application the shape and the bolts are protected.

Column Strengthening:

Steel winding strengthening can be done by placing four braces and welding them to the horizontal metal plates which have been placed with a bird-caging system on a square or a rectangle reinforced concrete column. There must not be any space with the braces and the reinforced concrete surfaces. The horizontal plates should be continuance on the four sides.

For increasing the column axial load capacity of the steel winding the angles should be continuous (no space) between the lower and upper layers. If it is needed pre-loading may be done to the braces and the axial pressure load may be decreased of reinforced concrete column edge.

System Improvement- Steel Reticle

Steel Reticles

Steel reticle methodology is not suitable for the buildings in our country. Because these systems can be construct between two column axes. For load transfer of the system and for a better work performance in the earthquakes, the quality of the concrete should be at least 16 Mpa but in Turkey the average value of the concrete is lower than 10Mpa.

At the same time steel reticles transfer the forces to the junction points of the beams and this may cause losses in un-stirrupped junctions during the earthquakes.


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