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About Us

Bayrakcı İnşaat Metal San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.; was founded in 2004. Since the day it was founded, it has been working with the most prestigious companies in Turkey. It has put its signature under many projects in different regions of the country. In a very short period of time, it became one of the leading companies in the metal sector. Bayrakcı Metal; has provided all kinds of support in the implementation processes of the projects with the expert team. Thanks to its capability of finding quick solutions, it has found solutions in respond to the needs that occur in these processes. Bayrakcı Metal; have taken roles actively at implementation of the processes of major projects that have strengthened Turkey’s infrastructure. As a result of its high performance in this process, it has achieved a leading and prominent position in the field. Bayrakcı Metal; has achieved to make its name mark thanks to its capability of delivering the works that it has undertaken in high quality and on time.

History of Bayrakcı Metal

Bayrakcı Metal; started the first production  in 2004 at a 800 square meter workshop in Yenikapı. It has shown great success in the projects that it has taken part as contractor. In this way, it has succeeded to be included in the country's leading projects.

Bayrakcı Metal, which has increased its production capacity day by day with its remarkable achievements, has increased the production area requirement in parallel with these developments. After the first workshop in Yenikapı, a larger workshop has been founded in Yenikapı in 2013. In the same year, the company has moved to Metal İş Sanayi Sitesi, which is located in Başakşehir İkitelli Organized Industrial Zone.

2013 was the year for Bayrakcı Metal to “increase its production capacity”  and to “get closer to the heart and center of the metal sector”. The year 2013 has been also a turning point for the transition to corporate management mentality.

Since 2013, Bayrakcı Metal has accelerated its corporate management efforts. In the following years, a number of projects and structuring processes have been initiated to ensure international quality standards. In this framework, a customer-focused total quality management approach has been adopted in order to improve the service quality.

Having expanded its product range in 2017, Bayrakcı Metal has started to develop new products. In the meantime, mass production has been started in another workshop located in Hadımköy. In this way, it has started to produce special products that offer facilitating solutions.

In 2017, Bayrakcı Metal has expanded its new and special product range and has taken an important place in the metal sector with the brand “Şantiye Donanımları”.

Customer-oriented understanding and quality practices have continued without slowing until today. In the next years, sense of high quality will be continued to be shown with new projects.

Our Aim is; Customer-Oriented Production and Quality

Bayrakcı Metal; always aims to offer innovations in the field of steel and metal construction.

Positioning itself as a “solution partner” rather than a supplier, Bayrakcı Metal focuses on meeting the demands of its customers with the desired quality in a short time in accordance with this purpose and targets.

“Sense of quality in management” is taken into consideration at every stage from product range design to production.

Product Demands and Production Process

The applications of Bayrakcı Metal related to product demands and production processes are as follows;

  • After the order or product requests are received, on-site exploration study is performed according to the need.
  • The process continues with static calculations and project studies.
  • All materials for the production are checked for compliance with the input requirements.
  • Certified welders and personnel work at every stage of production.
  • The product quality is examined by experienced personnel by process controls.
  • Before the delivery phase, each product is subjected to final inspection and various tests.
  • After the approval of the shipment, the products are delivered with the “turn-key” service concept within the period the customers want.

Bayrakcı Metal;for all the orders received, conducts quality control work  completely during all the processes from the first design to delivery. 

Bayrakcı Metal; commits to deliver quality of the order and in the requested time.

  • Bayrakcı Metal; aims to maximize customer satisfaction.
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