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Clerestory & Mezzanine

Clerestory or mezzanine systems provide extra usage areas for new or old buildings. Steel celerestory and mezzanine systems, which helps companies to make savings in the costs of a new building, warehouse construction and workplace, provide additional production, storage and living areas.

Bayrakcı Metal Design Mezzanine and Clerestory Systems

Bayrakcı Metal designs special systems in order to create additional usage areas in the spaces of companies. You can get rid of space shortage and extra costs thanks to the steel clerestory and steel construction mezzanine systems that we have designed on the basis of increasing working efficiency and creating additional work and living spaces.

The features of Bayrakcı Metal design mezzanine and clerestory systems are as follows;

  • Thanks to bolted connections, mezzanine and steel clerestory systems can be easily disassembled.
  • Our mezzanine and steel construction clerestory systems are designed to be re-installed in different areas according to the changing needs of the facility.
  • According to the condition of the plant or the working area, the area where the steel construction clerestory will be placed is determined.
  • Columns, machines and other systems are considered when designing and installing systems.
  • The steel clerestory or steel mezzanine assembled allows maximum utilization of unused areas on the working areas.
  • Our company, which carries out special project design, considers internationally recognized regulations and standards in the design of steel clerestory systems.

Design of Steel Clerestory and Steel Mezzanine Systems

Steel clerestory and steel mezzanine system is not a simple system as predicted. Only determining the amount of the load to be placed on the clerestory systems and the dimensions of the space cannot provide a safe and useful system.

It is a system that needs to be built on a safe and aesthetic steel mold. A specific project should be designed according to the intended use and function and location of the working area to be used.

In this regard, our company designs and installs safety and useful system taking all the possibilities and conditions into account We examine first to meet the needs of the mezzanine by fulfiling security requirements. By asking various questions, we decide to which kind of mezzanine or clerestory to be installed together. Our specialist technical staff is at your service for the options of steel mezzanine for your needs.

What are the clerestory and mezzanine?

Clerestory and mezzanine floors are the systems established to increase the working efficiency of the workplaces. When installing clerestory and mezzanine floors, the architectural features of the building, the design of the interior decor and the effects of the equipment on the working areas should be taken into consideration.

These areas are the areas that include living spaces such as modular office systems, partition walls, load and warehouse areas, cafeterias, masjid and lounges. These systems installed on the work areas at your workplace help to save the space used. Also, you do not have to force your budget for the cost of steel mezzanine floors.

Bayrakcı Metal; provides steel construction and equipment solutions in accordance with ISO quality standards.  We design and apply steel storey demands for your factory or work place in a short time.  Our company, who provides services in accordance with international standards, is one of the leading companies in steel mold and clerestory system manufacturing and design field.

  • We offer steel clerestory prices with options suitable for your budget.  Visit us and check out our designs!

You can contact us through the address for custom design demands and steel clerestory in properties that you wish.  To contact us, you can give us a call or fill the form given“İletişim” section.

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