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Design Steel Roof System Properties

Bayrakcı Metal provides a great range of opportunities for steel roof systems. We can apply special designs prepared by structure authorities and different designers. We can also set up projects and designs prepared according to the demand of the companies. The systems that we produce can be easily applied. If needed, different project applications can be customized without damaging the other aesthetic designs and systems.

The system properties of Bayrakcı Metal Steel Roof are;

  • Manufacturing and mounting of carrier control systems can be applied on steel roof systems.
  • Roof coating such as sandwich panel and clamped metal are also included in the system.
  • It also has drainage system for water disposal of the accumulated water on the rooftop.
  • For steel roof systems, a project-based manufacturing and design is applied.
  • It guarantees a manufacturing independent of time and place and certificated quality material.
  • Turn-key application is conducted for the all roof system.

What is Steel Roof System?

Steel roof systems are quite durable and long-lived roof systems that can be used for any kind of construction.  The additional self-weight brought in addition to the weight of construction itself is not excessive.  They are lasting and steady systems of which rate of being affected by possible natural disasters are low. For this reason, it has an indirect effect on preventing loss of lives in natural disasters. 

Steel roof applications are high resistance structures.  It helps to protect the unity of the construction. Steel roof structure materials or hardware are fabrication; for this reason it provides a complete safety. The protective materials boost the quality of roof.

Steel roof systems are dependent on manufacturing and mounting. Its manufacturing and application can be easily conducted in any season, in any region regardless of groundwork and place. The additional weight that it loads to the permanent and steady loads, which are self-weight of the construction elements are less when compared with the other roof systems. 

Steel roof systems; are durable and long-lived roof systems that especially preferred in constructions such as factories, workplaces and garages.  It is the most powerful alternative of concrete roof systems.

The roofs in any construction are the parts that are needed to be the safest and the most durable.  For the reason that Turkey is in the seismic belt and the number of natural disasters has increased in recent years, steel construction roofs are getting more and more popular.  These systems are systems that have potential of preventing loss of live and property and that are resistant to collapse. They can be used under all weather conditions safely.

As it provides a durable structure and a long life span, in the long term, it is cost efficient when compared with the other roof systems.  It avoids possible costs by protecting constructions in natural disasters such as strong wind, storm and tornado. Besides, the fact that it provides heat insulation and do not need maintenance also helps to reduce the costs.

Steel roof systems, which are mostly preferred in large structures, are designed according to the properties of construction. It is obtained by processing the steel as cold. It can be easily installed; its manufacturing period is short.

It can be used in various structures such as factories, light steel buildings, malls, community facilities, heavy steel industrial structures, hangars, animal shelters and warehouses.


Bayrakcı Metal; provides steel roof and roof system solutions in the frame of ISO quality standards. We design and install your steel roof demands for your factory, workplace or any other structure in a short time.  Our company, which provides designs in accordance with the international standards, is one of the leading companies in the field of hardware manufacturing and design of steel roof systems,

We offer steel roof designs special to your company with budget-friendly options.   Visit us, tell us your needs, have a look at our designs!


You can contact us through the address  for custom design demands and steel roof in properties that you wish.  To contact us, you can give us a call or fill the form given in“İletişim” section.

To see samples of steel roof systems, you can have a look at the pictures given below;

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