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Device Stands

Metal construction device stands are used in places such as construction sites or in electrical and mechanical rooms in buildings. It aims to keep hardware and equipment such as panel devices, power plants, and electronic systems away from water or moisture by raising them from the ground. In addition, it helps this type of panel or systems to fit more firmly on the floor.

Bayrakcı Metal Design Device Stands

Bayrakcı Metal meets the device stand needs of your site, workplace or construction area with its expert team in the field of metal construction device stands.

The services of our company in the field of device stands are as follows;

  • We make on-site exploration on the dashboard or system at the construction and work site where the device stand will be installed.
  • We design the dimensions of the device stand according to the dimensions of the devices.
  • According to the demand, in the area where the system will be installed, the round of the devices are protected by sheet materials.
  • We assemble the stands prepared as fully compatible with the devices with our expert team.
  • The system can then be dismantled and re-assembled for use in a different location.
  • Steel construction device stands that we manufacture for all kinds of devices are offered as a turnkey delivery concept.

The device stands are manufactured in accordance with national and international standards. Our team and welders to install the system are our certified personnel. With our experienced team, we provide metal construction device stands in all sizes and in any field.

What are Device Stand Systems?

Steel construction device stands are manufactured according to the size of the device and the area to be used. The device stands that unfit for the devices and the area may cause some negative conditions in terms of handling and safety.

Metal construction device stands that form a protective shield for devices and raise them from the floor should be designed taking into account situations such as height, weight, balance, waterproofness, vibration and weather conditions. Since devices for which the system will be installed are important devices, it is especially important to interrupt their contact with the ground. Steel construction device stands serve this purpose.

Metal construction device stands are used in the following areas;

  • Power stations in building or construction sites,
  • Electrical boards inside or outside the work places,
  • Electronic system rooms,
  • Telephone switchboards or panels,
  • Internet cable and switchboard systems,
  • Various electronic devices,
  • Database rooms,
  • Electrical and electronic counters,
  • Factory panels and switchboards...

Device stands made of metal or steel construction materials are a precaution for electrical and electronic systems against adverse natural conditions that may come from the ground. Devices raised from the ground are protected against factors such as water, moisture or excessive temperature.

The switchboards or boards installed on a device stand can meet the absolute safety requirements. According to the structure of the steel construction device stand, the environment of the devices can be covered with various sheet or wood materials.

Bayrakcı Metal; provides project-specific steel construction device stand solutions in accordance with ISO quality standards.  We design and apply your steel device stand demands for any kind of project in a short time.  Our company, who provides service for device stand equipment in accordance with international standards, is one of the leading companies in the field of steel construction device stand field.

We design the device stands with on-site exploration and decide on the device-specific designed device stand system together. If you want, we can also provide device stand services with our own projects that we design for you.

We offer steel construction device stand applications with options suitable for your budget. Visit us, tell us about your needs, check out the options for the device stands, decide!

You can contact us through the address for custom design demands and device stand operations  in properties that you wish.  To contact us, you can give us a call or fill the form given“İletişim” section.

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