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Project Specific Steel Manufacturing

Project-specific steel manufacturing services play an important role in the construction sector. It can be applied in conventional or traditional building projects. With special projects designed using high quality steel materials, strong, durable and long-lasting structures are obtained.

Bayrakcı Metal Design Project-Specific Steel Manufacturing Systems

Bayrakcı Metal fulfills your special steel manufacturing needs with its special project team. The team that we have formed for this purpose designs on-site projects. We provide turn-key delivery designs with our project design, manufacturing and installation services.

As Bayrakcı Metal, our project-specific steel manufacturing applications are as follows;

  • We perform static-dynamic analysis of steel structures in accordance with regulations and specifications, and prepare a static account report.
  • We make static evaluations of points such as bracket connection and joint.
  • We produce steel construction materials according to the specific needs of the projects.
  • We design steel manufacturing projects by conducting on-site exploration.
  • We prepare a manufacturing scheme taking into consideration the specific suggestions and demands of your work during the creation phase of projects.
  • We implement projects in a short period of time and provide safe structures with assembly.
  • From the forming of the project to the assembly, we provide turn-key service.

Bayrakcı Metal provides service with its expert engineers and operations staff. We provide controls at every stage of manufacturing with our certified welder and control personnel. After the welding tests, the Procedure Qualification Record (PQR) and the Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) are performed, the painting operation is carried out. After the paint thickness control, the materials are prepared for delivery. Then, it is assembled by our operation team.

As Bayrakçı Metal, we work with the principle of providing quality control at every stage. The projects that we undertake are controlled at every stage from start to finish. Special steel manufacturing services are planned and implemented with a professional perspective.

Steel systems manufactured in accordance with the standards and specifications by Bayrakcı Metal are delivered with the necessary documents. Project-specific steel construction can be applied in all kinds of construction, building sites and factories.

As Bayrakcı Metal, we have teams and equipment that can respond to domestic and international projects in industrial facilities, hangars, warehouses, steel roof systems, prefabricated buildings, structures with wide apertures, car parks, bus stations, shopping centers, artistic structures, and steel construction structures.

What is Project-Specific Steel Production?

In recent years, various steel structure solutions, which have been widely preferred by architects, engineers and employers in recent years, can respond to project-specific needs in a short time with high technology materials.

New generation steel construction solutions are manufactured according to the standards and implemented with advanced technology. According to the properties of the project, light and heavy steel equipment can be manufactured.

The advantages of steel structures are as follows;

  • It includes high strength systems.
  • For this reason, it keeps risks and costs related to external factors such as natural disasters at a minimum level.
  • Steel systems that can be manufactured and assembled in a short time are flexible and aesthetic.
  • It is environment-friendly as it can be recycled.

Bayrakcı Metal; provides project-specific steel manufacturing solutions in accordance with ISO quality standards.  We design and apply your special steel manufacturing demands for any kind of project in a short time.  Our company, who provides service for project-specific steel manufacturing equipment in accordance with international standards, is one of the leading companies in this field.

We design your projects on-site for you and make the decision for the project-specific steel manufacturing system to be implemented together.  If you want, we can also provide you steel manufacturing service with our projects prepared special for you.

We offer special steel systems and applications with options suitable for your budget.  Visit us, tell us about your needs, check out the steel manufacturing applications, decide!

  • You can contact us through the address for custom design demands and project-specific steel manufacturing systems in properties that you wish.  To contact us, you can give us a call or fill the form given“İletişim” section.
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