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Special Steel Construction

Special steel construction systems have been the most popular structure equipment in recent years. It has a wide range of use in a wide range of industries, from roof systems to high-rise buildings. In Turkey’s market, it is a chain of systems expanding continuously.

Bayrakcı Metal Design Special Steel Construction

As Bayrakcı Metal, we produce detailed project steel construction  in construction sector. We have the capacity and experience to carry out manufacturing in our own area or in the construction site.

Our experienced field team provides service in the desired field as mobilizing, and meets your steel construction manufacturing and assembly needs. We also prepare and implement metal construction projects.

In the field of special steel construction, the manufacturing and installation applications of Bayrakcı Metal  are as follows;

  • Steel bracket manufacturing,
  • Steel grating manufacturing,
  • Steel cover manufacturing,
  • Steel platform manufacturing,
  • Catwalk manufacturing,
  • Steel curtain and support services,
  • Tunnel braced system support,
  • Strut manufacturing and assembly,
  • Carrier system services,
  • Steel condition manufacturing,
  • Steel construction hangar design,
  • Steel bracket manufacturing and assembly,
  • Walking platform manufacturing and assembly,

We have manufacturing, assembly and disassembly services in the areas given above. In addition, we can also conduct special steel construction and heavy steel construction cutting and welding operations!

We develop special systems for projects in accordance with the legislation and regulations related to steel construction production and assembly. We provide services with our expert personnel that are certified within the framework of Occupational Health and Safety Laws. We manufacture and assemble special steel construction for all kinds of projects with our expert staff fulfilling professional qualification requirements and our vehicles and equipment that are available in our inventory and are in accordance with the standards.

What are Special Steel Construction Systems?

Structures made of steel material are generally called as steel construction structures. It is especially common in construction industry. Steel construction equipment used in carrier systems in buildings enables to form a structure that is resistant to natural disasters like earthquakes. It is preferred especially in regions where earthquake fault lines are located.

They are high structures with wide apertures. These steel construction structures, which are durable and long lasting, are easy to install. Steel systems that can be designed specifically for projects have superior mechanical and static capabilities. They are safe and relatively economical when compared to other systems.

The steel construction systems, which are widely preferred in recent years, have encouraged the steel construction companies operating in this field to design and manufacture a variety of construction systems with various properties.

In this respect, steel construction systems and equipment are widely used in the following structures:

Special steel structures, single or multi-storey factories, steel construction hangars, bridges, detached or multi-storey houses, bus stations, car parks, shopping centers, steel building, metal industry, automotive industry, workshops, sports facilities, steel platform, wood and agricultural industry , roof systems, suspended and intermediate floor systems, various industrial structures...

Bayrakcı Metal provides project-specific steel construction  solutions in accordance with ISO quality standards.  We design and apply your special steel constructiondemands for any kind of project in a short time.  Our company, who provides service for project-specific steel construction equipment in accordance with international standards, is one of the leading companies in this field.

We design your  projects on-site for you and make the decision for the project-specific steel construction system to be implemented together.  If you want, we can also provide you metal construction service with our projects prepared special for you.

  • We offer steel construction structure systems with options suitable for your budget.  Visit us, tell us about your needs, check out the options for the steel manufacturing, decide!


You can contact us through the address for custom design demands, project-specific steel construction manufacturing and assembly and steel condition operations  in properties that you wish. To contact us, you can give us a call or fill the form given“İletişim” section

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