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Stairwell Tower - Scaffold

Stairwell tower and tower stairway systems are safe scaffold systems that provide access to molds in foundation excavations or high distances. It provides going down and up in deep foundations or high construction areas. With their safe stairs, they are the powerful carrier systems that create working areas at places that are difficult to reach.

Bayrakcı Metal Design Stairwell Tower and Tower Stairway

Bayrakcı Metal is one of the leading companies in the stairwell tower or tower ladder systems sector.

The features of the stairwell tower system designed by our company are as follows;

  • Stairwell tower systems can be installed with fixed or modular scaffold system.
  • According to the demand, the staircase tower can be built according to the structure and geographical characteristics of the area to be established.
  • Tower stairway design, production, and installation is done is performed with steel construction or metal structure systems made of safe and quality material.
  • The design in proper measures is made according to the structure, roughness, lowness or height of the working areas.
  • During the installation phase of the system, the gaps, heights and level differences in the structure are taken into consideration.
  • It is determined by the required measurements by our certified personnel that whether the system of the place that the tower stairway will be installed is able to carry the system.
  • The stairwell tower, which is manufactured by our expert welders, is delivered after the necessary safety controls.
  • By offering scaffold solutions to be installed on small or narrow place, a coating and installation performed to avoid gaps in the structure.
  • Stair steps are designed as thin, broad, small or large according to the situation of the area.
  • In the installation of the system, it is aimed to create a powerful stairwell tower system with a little equipment.
  • Safety rail or fence wall systems are also mounted around the ladder steps for safety.
  • Balance arms, horizontal and vertical supports or poles are used to strengthen the system.
  • National and international standards are taken into account in all processes from the production of the stairwell tower system to the installation of the system.
  • Tower stairway and stairwell tower systems are provided with a “turn-key system" service.

Stairwell Tower and Tower Stairway Scaffold Systems

Stairs systems enables access to small and narrow geometrical areas in various structures. Stairs form a working platform around the structure. They are the systems that provide high safety with a safe movement and working area. In order to meet any kind of need, it can be installed at different heights according to different working conditions.

The stairwell tower is an ideal steel or metal construction for hard to reach areas. It provides safe and easy access to low or high areas. The stairwell tower can be used in two different ways, as mobile or stationary.

Moving stairway tower system can be easily used in maintenance, repair, renovation works in high areas. Due to its mobility, it can be installed without installing a scaffold in the whole area. For installation, only the horizontal wheels are sufficient to move. Thanks to its mobile system, it provides easy access and transportation to the whole area. Thus, it provides a very economical and practical solution in hard-to-reach areas.

Fixed or stationary tower stairways are systems that provide safe and easy access in excavation areas or high working areas. It is an ideal and stairwell tower system for long-term use areas.

Stairwell tower systems are widely used in the following areas;

  • Foundation excavations,
  • Tunnel constructions,
  • Bridge constructions,
  • Silos,
  • Warehouses,
  • Infrastructure works,
  • Construction sites,
  • Various building sites,
  • Deep or high structures in various shapes...

Bayrakcı Metal; provides stairwell tower and tower stairway solutions in accordance with ISO quality standards.  We design and apply your stairwell tower demands for any kind of project in a short time.  Our company, who provides service for stairwell tower and equipment in accordance with international standards, is one of the leading companies in this field.

We design the stairwell tower projects on-site for you and make the decision for the project-specific stairwell tower application to be implemented together.  If you want, we can also provide you stairwell tower service with our projects prepared special for you.

We offer stairwell stairs applications with options suitable for your budget.  We hope to see you for our stairwell tower price options. Visit us, tell us about your needs, check out the options for the stairwell tower, decide!

You can contact us through the address for custom design demands and stairwell tower and tower stairway operations  in properties that you wish. . To contact us, you can give us a call or fill the form given“İletişim” section.

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