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Steel Fortification and Strut Pipes

Steel fortification systems are important equipment for creating a safe working environment in large construction projects, mine pits, tunnels and road constructions. Steel fortification systems which are more durable than wooden fortification materials can be shaped according to the hinges and telescopic mechanisms that can slide one within the other. These mechanisms can be used without deterioration under heavy loads.

Bayrakcı Metal Design Steel Fortification

Bayrakcı Metal designs steel fortification systems used in various construction and project works in the required length and size. Steel fortification system designed by our technical team according to the requirements of the working area is manufactured in order to adapt to the site conditions and assembled on site.

Bayrakcı Metal's steel fortification services can be listed as follows;

  • We design a special steel system for your project.
  • We project designs of a steel fortification system made of materials with minimal structural defects in the industrial environment.
  • We assemble the steel fortification equipment onsite that we design with our specialist team.
  • We produce steel fortification materials according to national and international standards.
  • With our certified team, we provide service in accordance with occupational safety laws and regulations.

We design our systems at any time and install them as "turn-key" concept. 

What is Steel Fortification Systems?

Steel fortification systems provide a safer environment in the works and projects carried out with underground machines such as mines, underground and tunnel constructions. It can also be used in places such as foundations of various structures and retaining walls.

Steel fortification systems that provide safety and efficiency are less costly than other support methods. It offers companies a price advantage. The average life expectancy of the system, which gives an average loss of 1% per month, is 50 months or in other words more than 4 years.

The initial plant costs during the installation of the system are higher than the tree fortification system; however, it becomes more advantageous in 2 weeks compared to tree fortification poles. It provides fortification longer on the other working days and helps to save to a greater extent.  Steel fortification systems, which are strong and durable, increase the safety of workers by preventing landslips.

The advantages of steel fortification systems are as follows;

  • It has a high load carrying capacity.
  • Steel material can be shaped in desired dimensions.
  • Although it is open to corrosion effects, it has low deformation.
  • Its metal-specific structural capabilities such as tensile strength and yield point are high.
  • Its elasticity is higher than other materials.
  • It can be designed in various strengths, shapes, and dimensions by changing the chemical structure of steel.
  • It is less affected by the natural environment and weather conditions than other materials.
  • Even if deformed, it can be reused after applying various operations on it.
  • It provides safety of life and property.
  • According to the situation of works at the building and construction site, it can be dismantled and reassembled to the points where it is needed.
  • It saves labor and time in footwork because it can be easily dismantled and installed.

Bayrakcı Metal; offers project-specific steel fortification solutions in accordance with ISO quality standards. We design and apply your project-specific steel fortification demands in a short time. Our company, which provides service with steel fortification equipments in accordance with international standards, is among the leading companies in the applications of steel fortification systems.

We design your projects with on-site exploration and decide on the project-specific steel fortification system together. If you want, we can also provide you with steel fortification services with our special projects.

We offer steel fortification mechanisms and applications with options that are suitable for your budget. Visit us, tell us about your needs, review our steel fortifications, decide!

  • You can contact us through the address for custom design demands and Steel fortification operations in properties that you wish. To contact us, you can give us a call or fill the form given “İletişim” section.
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