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Warehouse - Hangar

Warehouses and hangar are the structures that are used for storing large products, materials, and tools or maintaining a safe environment for them. Structures such as warehouse, hangar, porch and shelf systems can be safely used to protect products, tools, and materials against different weather conditions; It enables the management of them according to the needs of businesses or companies.

Bayrakcı Metal Design Warehouse and Hangars

Bayrakçı Metal assembles warehouse, hangar, porch and shelf systems as required by the projects. We offer warehouse and hangar solutions with our experienced and specialist team in this field.

Our warehouse and hangar system operations are as follows;

  • We offer steel services at national and international standards.
  • We manufacture, assemble and draw steel structures such as warehouses and hangars.
  • We design special warehouse and hangar systems special to your company.
  • We prepare a project by making a discovery and asking the details with our expert team in the field.
  • We produce special projects for all kinds of storehouse, hangar, porch and shelf system.
  • We install systems such as mezzanine and clerestory in warehouses and hangars optionally.
  • With our expert team, we provide turnkey services by manufacturing and installing your needs at any time you wish.

Warehouse & Hangar Systems

Warehouse and hangar solutions are practical solutions for the protection and preservation of all kinds of products, materials and large tools from the sun. These steel structures are systems that can be easily installed and reused in different places. It is produced from highly durable and maintenance-free materials. Specialized teams are needed for manufacturing and installation.

Warehouse and hangar systems are generally preferred in large factories, logistics companies, hot and cold stores, construction sites and airports. For example, giant buildings where aircraft maintenance and repair operations are performed are called "hangar".

The Advantages of Warehouse and Hangar Systems

In warehouse and hangar solutions, special steel material processed with advanced technology is used. In manufacturing, design and installation, specialized knowledge is required.

The advantages of warehouse and hangar systems are as follows;

  • They are easy to install, assemble and dismantle.
  • It allows reuse in different areas with its modular property.
  • As it is made of steel construction material, it is durable and long lasting.
  • It offers a flexible working area.
  • It has cost advantage compared to similar warehouse and hangar building materials.
  • They resistant structures against natural disasters.
  • It is resistant to natural events such as severe wind, storm and rain.
  • They provide opportunity to have large and useful spaces.
  • They are widely preferred by big companies.

Usually steel stores are used to store products or tools. Hangars also are preferred for different purposes such as maintenance of large vehicles such as aircraft, agricultural vehicles and construction machinery; and their maintenance, repair, manufacturing, and assembly. Warehouse and hangar systems are widely used by factories, workshops, aircraft companies, traders, farmers and plants.

Bayrakcı Metal; provides warehouse and hargar solutions in accordance with ISO quality standards.  We design your demands for warehouse and hangars that you can use for any kind of purpose in a short time and assemble them. Our company, who provides service in accordance with international standards, is one of the leading companies in the field of manufacturing and designing warehouse and hangar systems and equipment.

We offer warehouse and hangar designs special to your company  with options suitable for your budget.  Visit us, tell us about your needs, check out the options, decide! 

Bayrakcı Metal is the right address for the warehouse and hangar that you need!

  • You can contact us through the address for custom design demands and warehouse and hangar in properties that you wish.  To contact us, you can give us a call or fill the form given“İletişim” section.
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